ken pate

Kenneth Pate


Phone: 216-267-7008 x 19

Ken oversees operational development, contracts, legal, strategic planning and special events.

sally pate

Sally Pate

Vice President

Phone: 216-267-7008 x 12

Sally is in charge of budgeting, operational performance, financial reports and human resources.

Joe Jones

Joe Jones

Senior Job Coordinator

Phone: 216-267-7008

Joe is a job coordinator manager who deals with customer relations and is an expert in fire damage.

Jeff Romanski

Jeff Romanski


Phone: 216-267-7008 x 23

Jeff is an iCAT supervisor who is an expert in estimates, production supervision and water damage.

Judy Kitts

Judy Kitts

Customer Service Representative

Phone: 216-267-7008 x 10

Judy handles receptions and coordinates schedules with customers for pick up and deliveries.