A disaster can strike your home at any time. It could come from a still-lit cigarette thrown in the trash, from a leaky pipe that burst under pressure or a unforeseen natural disaster that wreaked havoc on your home. Damage to your home can literally come from anywhere at any time. When one of these life-changing events come, you know that the fire department and medical services are there to help treat your injuries; but, who helps with the cleanup and fabric restoration after the emergency?

At FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning Restoration, we understand how overwhelming and emotional the aftermath of a disaster–pulling burnt clothes, muddy toys and shattered picture frames from the wreckage–is to you and your family. Don’t do it alone; let us help you. As experts in fabric restoration dry cleaning, we work hard to minimize the impact of your loss and restore your belongings to what they once were.

Whether your home has damage from smoke and fire, water or mold, our response crews stand ready 24/7, arriving on the scene within the hour often before the smoke has cleared or the flood has drained. We help you with any of the following.

If you are in the Columbus, Cleveland or Pittsburgh area and have fabric restoration needs, contact us online or call us at 800-261-3936.