Our trained and branded professionals will photo document the loss site, evaluate what can be restored, and communicate the optimal restoration plan. We will carefully remove items to begin the restoration process. Upon completion we can reconnect the items and ensure that everything is in proper working order. One call, one bill, simple.

The FRSTeam process entails:

  • Only electronics that are cost effective should be considered for cleaning.
  • Preliminary testing to determine if operable before starting restoration.
  • Each item is extensively tested to ensure proper working order prior to return.
  • Items that are irreparable or not cost-effective to restore will be inventoried and placed onto a Statement of Loss Form.
  • Superior cleaning results leveraging deionized water and controlled dry out.
  • All non-restorable/non-salvageable items will be disposed of using safe and secure methods as electronics often contain mercury.
  • Data recovery to ensure that files, photos, videos, and other essentials are not lost forever.
  • 90-day warranty upon final delivery.
  • Leverage responsible restoration. If the cost to restore does not constitute good value, the item will be deemed non-salvageable.
  • Three-tiered pricing model to account for light, medium, or heavy damage.

If you are in the Columbus, Cleveland or Pittsburgh area and have emergency electronic restoration needs, contact us online or call us at 800-261-3936.