Protect Your Home from Flooding

Flooding is the most common and costly disaster in the United States and can happen anywhere. However, there are many ways to reduce your home’s risk of flooding, and not all of them are difficult or expensive. This guide from FEMA briefly describes some of the smaller, lower cost actions you can take yourself or with minor assistance from others. It also suggests places you can go to find more information about flood mitigation techniques, including some of these.

You have many flood mitigation options as a homeowner. As you begin to think about which might be the best for you and your home, consider following the three key steps suggested.

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Proving Safety for Kids After a Fire or Flood

A flood or fire can be devastating for your entire family, especially for your children. The disaster can have a huge impact on children’s physical and emotional health. If you experience either of these disasters, you should take safety steps that will keep them protected from illness and injury.

Here are some simple strategies to help your children stay safe and healthy after a fire or flood.

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