Make Summer Maintenance Simple With This Handy Checklist

In summer, it’s easy to take a relaxed approach to everything—even home maintenance. So start tackling your summer home maintenance today. Our checklist makes it simple.

Naturally, you may not want to spend a large chunk of your free time this summer doing home maintenance. But you don’t want to put it off till it’s too late either. Below is a list of common items to consider. Decide which are priorities for you and tackle those first. Then divvy up the responsibilities or hire professionals to make the best use of your time.

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A Homeowner’s Guide to Smoke Damage Restoration

If you experience a fire, you may focus on the damage caused directly by the flames. However, some of the worst damage after fires comes from soot and smoke. These insidious threats can linger well after you clean up or restore any burned items.

In this blog, we guide you through the dangers of and restoration from smoke damage in your home.

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