Five Tips for Preventing Basement Floods Before They Start

Great floods and unexpected water levels will always be a concern for homeowners, especially those with basements, as there is only so much we can do once Mother Nature has set her course. However, your basement should not be leaking and wet every time it rains. If this is a problem that you are experiencing, there are things that you can do to protect your underground man cave, gym, theater or storage area.

Taking the right precautions such as grading your lawn correctly, leaving a gap between your mulch and your siding, extending downspouts and making sure they are turned away from your home, cleaning out your gutters in the spring and fall and installing a sump pump and a back-up system, can save you money, time and headaches in the future, and it may even help protect against large, unforeseen natural disasters.

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Latest Projects

These three projects were damaged as a result of fire, smoke and soot. With the use of a balanced mixture of water and specialized chemicals on both electronics and fabrics, as well as an assortment of other cleaners and hands on work, we were able to not only remove the stains but odors as well.

We did electronics by hand, disassembling anything necessary to give it the best cleaning. The hats were done by both machine and hand to really work out any marks, while the flags were cleaned with a combination of dry clean and machine and hand wash depending on the severity of the damage and extent of restoration needing to be done.

FRSTeam by DKS Dry Cleaning can handle all sorts of items that were damaged by fire, soot and smoke. Because the level of damage varies from case to case, we send qualified restore response crews with the tools to itemize your losses, helping you determine which items can be restored and providing the proven approaches, such as FRSTrack, in doing so. Click the link below to learn more about our fire, smoke and soot damage restoration.
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